Welcome to Symposium foods.

We are a food company, specialized in selling high quality natural and organic food products, produced in the Mediterranean basin.

Our products.

We are committed to provide safe organic and natural food that has been processed in a sustainable way. As a result, we examine each and every food product thoroughly to guarantee that everything is safe, fresh, nutritious and tastes good.

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About Symposium foods.

Our values and principles are reflected in the way we handle business relationships with our clients and business partners. We strive for transparency, honesty, environmental sustainability and an extraordinary commitment to improve human and animal health.


Who we are

We are a community of farmers and producers growing organic food in a sustainable way.


What we do

We sell the highest quality organic and natural food products produced in the Mediterranean basin.


Why we do it

We appreciate nutritious food and celebrate the pleasure of sharing it with others.

`` Healthier eating habits, meaningful relationships, and joyful living. ``