Who we are.

Symposiumfoods is a celebration of the Mediterranean diet.  It is a manifestation of nutritious food, meaningful human relationships and joyful living.

About us.

Years ago, we started out as a consortium of small farmers and local producers growing organic food in a sustainable way in the Mediterranean basin.  Today, we are shaping a better and healthier world, by inspiring people to improve their eating habits and live a better life.

Modus operandi.

We stick to the fundamentals. For us, mother nature has all the answers. We believe that natural food can be tasteful and healthy at the same time. We are eager to know the conditions our foods have grown, processed and handled in farms, since it reflective in the quality of the foods we eat.

Ethical Promise.

We don’t use genetically modified plants in our food products.  We work directly with qualified farmers and producers to bring healthy – nutritious food to the rest of the world. As a result, our products are free of artificial preservatives, colours and hydrogenated fats.