Why we do it.

We want to live a happy life – with healthy minds in healthy bodies –surrounded by meaningful human relationships. Food unites all, we are passionate to promote the Hellenic diet, that is the heart and the soul of the Mediterranean diet, as the basis of a healthier lifestyle. Healthier eating habits, healthier relationships, and a joyful living.


We believe that a diet characterized by a proportionately higher consumption of fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, beans, fish and olive oil, relative to meat, saturated fats and processed foods is healthier and prolongs human longevity.

Meaningful Relationships.

Since “love goes through the stomach” we really want to improve people’s eating habits, as well as human relationships; aiming to improve their overall quality of life. We are driven to achieve excellence by providing great food products and support meaningful human relationships.

Create Awareness.

There is sufficient epistemological evidence that the Mediterranean diet has a positive contribution to human health, and it is likely to prolong the average life period. We want to have a positive impact on people’s lives, by creating awareness of the disastrous risks associated with diet-related illnesses (cardiovascular diseases-diabetes).